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We focus on consolidation of your electronic component material,   sending the savings to your bottom line. We'll gather the PCB's and package or kit them per your requirements, ready to build. 


Layer and Technology Capabilities

Rigid 2-44 layers
Rigid Flex 4~6 layers 8~12 layers
Flex 1~2 layers 4 and above
Edge Castellation (plated edges) Any Edges Any Edges
Aluminum Core 1~2 layers 4 and above​

Via Fill Non-conductive Conductive
Blind/Buried Vias 3 sets 4 and above
Micro Vias Staggered Stacked

Process Capabilities
Shop Tolerance: Standard Advanced
Minimum Outer Line Width .003” .0025”
Minimum Inner Line Width .003” .0025”
Minimum Outer Space, Trace/Trace .003” .0025”
Minimum Inner Space, Trace/Trace .003” .0025”
Minimum Space, PCB Edge to Conductor .010” .005”
Layer-to-Layer Registration +/- .003” +/-.002”
Maximum Finished PCB Thickness .250” .400”
Minimum Board Thickness Tolerance +/- 10% +/- 4%
Dimensions-Fab O.D. .005” .003”
Fabrication Radius +/-5 deg. +/-5 deg.
Warpage (inch per inch)(flatness of finished board) .007”/inch .003”/inch
Minimum Component Pitch .008” .004”
Minimum Dielectric Thickness .0025” .0015”
Maximum Number of Layers 28 32+
Impedance Control +/- 10% +/- 5%

Pad to Hole Size: Standard Advance
Tolerance—Plated Hole Size +/-.003” +/-.0015”
Minimum Plated Hole Size .006” .003”
Plane Relief Diameter over drilled hole .018” .010””
Minimum Outer Non-Plated Hole to Trace Spacing .009” .005”
Minimum Inner Non-Plated .008” .005”

Drilling: Standard Advanced
Minimum Drill Size .008” .004”
Minimum Drill Size (Above .200 is routed) .312” .312”
Maximum Aspect Ratio 10:1 16:1

Micro Via Drilling: Standard Advanced
Minimum Drill Size .006” .004”
Maximum Aspect Ratio 1:1 1:1:5

Testing Capabilities: Standard Advance
Minimum Component Pitch .008”/side .004”/side
Test Parameters 250 Volts 
20 ohm resist 
20 meg ohm iso 1000 Volts 
50 ohm resist 
50 meg ohm iso

Solder Mask Criteria: Standard Advance
Solder mask clearances Line coverage .003”/side 
.004” .002”/side 
SMT Minimum Pad Spacing .010” .007”
Minimum Solder mask Dam .004” .002”

Surface Finishes Available: Standard Advanced
HASL Thickness 40~400u” 40~400u”
Immersion Silver Thickness 6~18u” 6~18u”
Entek Organic Coating (OSP) Coverage Coverage
Immersion Ni/Au Thickness 100~200u” Ni 2~4u” Au 201~300u” Ni 2~4u” Au
Lead Free HASL Thickness 80~300u” 80~300u”
Hard Gold Thickness 5~60u” 61~80u”
Soft Gold Thickness 5~100u” 5~100u”

We have a saying around the office. It goes, "There's no problem an engineer won't solve."


If you need a team of experienced folks who understand how the world works and how to make it work for you, we're here to help.

We provide global supply chain management to our key customers. From global sourcing to localized warehouse KAN BAN and JIT delivery models. WIP replenishment, consolidated billing, E-Customer Service and EDI. Our support goes above and beyond industry expectations.​.


Wether your materials are supplied on a just in time, kan-ban, bonded or ship to order you may require a wharehouse logistic management solution that will add value to your program. We offer localized wharehouse operations that are designed to support your supply and demand requirements.