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Kyntronics offers linear and rotary electromechanical actuators for equipment  that OEM’s rely to provide superior motion control in highly precise critical applications. With their powerful performance, clean operation, and increased efficiency, electric actuators do not suffer the same shortcomings often found in hydraulic and pneumatic actuation technology.

The electromechanical actuators offer diverse integration capabilities, such as combining the motor and actuator, delivering a more compact package while reducing spacing requirements. In addition, integrating the power controls within the actuator itself results in enhanced mobility, control, and application suitability.

Kyntronics' full line of rotary and linear actuators offers precise control and can move forces up to 20,000 pounds (90kN).

Kyntronics EHA systems are a cost-effective solution for solar panel trackers for the solar panel industry.

Kyntronics EHAs are available in 1,000 - 20,000Lbf (4.5 - 90kN) sizes.
Simple 2-wire communications between EHAs allows coordinated solar array movement without costly mechanical linkages.
Control the movement of heavy solar panels with EHAs that are rugged and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Kyntronics EHAs are a great solution for operating heavy armor plate hatches. Military combat vehicles can have large armor plating and “hatches” that must open and close—sometimes in a synchronized motion. Vehicles with loading capabilities also require actuator systems that are rugged and can efficiently move heavy loads. Kyntronics actuators can be customized to specific military applications.

The EHA can move large forces (up to 20,000 Lbf (90kN)) in a compact space.
With all required components built into the EHA, no hydraulic infrastructure is required which saves space, weight, cost and improves reliability.
Simple two-wire communications between EHAs provide coordination between two or more actuators very cost-effectively.
The EHA was also required to allow movement if there was a power failure.

Kyntronics’ R2400 Rotary EMA system brought portability, special sequencing, and control features to the X10 Knee Therapy machine. Now, it is more marketable as a product for home therapy and for orthopedic surgeons.

Light-weight, compact Kyntronics EHAs can move heavy loads
Kyntronics EHAs have their own built-in pump, valving and manifold and do not require a traditional hydraulic infrastructure. This reduces cost, space requirements, and weight significantly
Kyntronics can add electronics and control capabilities to the EHA to provide precision position and force control. Kyntronics can also electrically connect multiple EHAs together to coordinate and synchronize their operation.
Environmental protection is assured with Kyntronics’ robust, weather-ready design.

Surgical Imaging Machine Actuator System

Multiple elements of the surgical imaging machine needed to move smoothly and simultaneously in a coordinated manner. Kyntronics’ customized EMA does the job with nine actuator axis controlled by customized software developed by Kyntronics engineers.
Kyntronics’ robust rotary and linear actuators meet the machine’s tight space requirements.

Using Kyntronics' Electro-Mechanical Actuation (EMA) platform, the system provides multiple-axis coordinated motion for even the most complex seating requirements.

Kyntronics provided modified Linear and Rotary EMAs that were quiet, powerful yet very lightweight… critical for airplane use.
Special software was developed that coordinated multiple actuators simultaneously to create a very smooth and comfortable passenger experience.
Using Kyntronics' 2-wire Power Line Communications wiring system between actuators and electronic modules reduced weight further, simplifed installation and reduced cost.
Kyntronics provided the control interface and software to the aircraft In-flight Entertainment System for passenger control of the seat, lighting and surrounding suite components.